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CoronaVirus has created a whole new kind of global crisis. What we read in the fiction and see in the sci-fi movie is now a reality. Covid-19 coronavirus has changed every aspect of human life. Though we manage to curtail many of our activities, we still need to continue many works. It means a lot of people still go out to work.


As working at this time is risky, employers and employees need to change their strategies and policies to minimize risk. In this article, we will try to share some advice that can help employers and employees work as a team.


Social Distancing

We may hear the word social distancing more and more nowadays. It means communicating with one another without making any physical contact. I know it looks rude, but it’s the best way to avoid virus infection. Social distancing means no handshake, no hug, and no kiss.

social distancing

Avoid Unnecessary Meeting

Even if the employers and employees need to go to the office, they can avoid a lot of contact by giving instructions from the mail, phone, or video conference. Everyone needs to use communication technology to their fullest capacity. Make a special arrangement when someone needs to make contact with someone else.


Provide Necessary Equipment

The good news is that we know a lot of things about coronavirus now. How it spreads, how it attacks, and how long it can survive on the surface. We also know what we should do about the virus. Every working place should have enough protective equipment like sanitizer, hand wash, gloves, mask, etc.


Checking Everyone’s Medical Record

According to the research, coronavirus could be much more dangerous to the people who have cardiovascular disease, diabetes, chronic respiratory disease, hypertension. Employers must give these employees leave until the pandemic is over.


Working from Home

The best arrangement should be working from home arrangement. Employers should give utmost priority to that. Even if it’s possible for some people. It would need ingenuity and a unique plan to make this happen. The company may not function well in this way, but everyone should sacrifice for everyone’s sake.


Make Your Family Safe

Working outside the home means there are more possibilities of getting infected by the virus. So, the employees still working outside need to maintain a unique protocol when they are going to contact their family members. Make sure that the virus is not spreading through you.


Some Rising Questions Concerning Employees

Can an employer fire you if you miss working for the pandemic?

Sadly, yes. An employee doesn’t need a reason to fire his/her employees. However, firing an employee due to his/her medical condition or being quarantined due to Covid-19 would offend human rights legislation. And the employer has to provide working notice or pay instead of notice if there is no cause of firing.


What if I miss my payment?


You are not entitled to any benefit due to quarantine. However, if coronavirus infects you, that’s a different story. You may be entitled to have sick leave and benefit.


What if I refuse to work?


You can refuse to work if you feel the workplace is not safe to work any longer. You must file a complaint to your employer and wait for his/her response.

What if I refuse to work


Final Thought

Coronavirus has created a global crisis. Many companies are facing massive losses. As a consequence, many employers are losing their job. Moreover, there are security issues to consider. Many employers and employees are facing new kinds of legal issues. A little awareness can make a massive difference at this moment.