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Are you worried that your CPP disability benefits claim might get denied? Are you afraid of applying on your own?

Well, your benefits application or appeal can get rejected for many reasons. I have seen many cases where seemingly perfect CPP disability benefits claim get rejected.

You can increase your chances of winning the claim by merely being a little more careful. Though every appeal case is unique in nature, there are some common mistakes that almost everyone tends to make.

Our article shares some of these common mistakes.  Hope it will help you to take a more careful approach.

common CPP disabily benefits mistake


Common Mistakes Made While Applying For CPP Disability Benefits

No Visible Symptoms

You don’t get much attention unless your pains and sufferings are visible. People get convinced more likely by people’s outer looks. It’s harsh but true.

In many cases, the symptoms don’t look severe from outsides. People with seemingly proper health could have some severe psychological disabilities.

If your conditions sound less credible, your claim winning chance will drop. You must focus on giving a clear idea about your problems. If it’s unfamiliar to most people, don’t hesitate to write in detail.


Psychological Evaluations are not Well-tested

We don’t yet have a precise method to identify and treat many mental problems. There could be multiple opinions on single cases. As the diagnosis defers, it could create a loophole on CPP Disability Benefits claim.

Even in some cases, diagnosis may differ from person to person. The best solution is to get a diagnosis from some reputed places.


Lack of Credibility

Credibility is crucial to get CPP disability benefits to claim. In some cases, your conditions might sound less credible. For instance, if you have chronic pain or fatigue or chronic mental stress, it will not be easy to prove to the authority.

For instance, the diagnosis of Fibromyalgia will be not enough to win a claim. In that case, your colleagues may vouch for you.


Giving Up Easily

Many people don’t apply if they get rejected. If your conditions fit the criteria, you must not give up. You should get professional help and submit everything again with proper documents.


Missing the Deadline

You may get surprised to know, but it happens in many cases. If your claim is denied, you need to apply within 90 days. If you miss the deadline, you can’t make a further claim.

If you can’t prepare for the case in due time, at least send a brief letter to inform them that you want to appeal after getting the letter of denial.  The authority takes it into consideration.

missing the CPP disability benefits deadline

Lack of Honest Approach

After the denial of the claim, many want to take a completely different approach. It’s not right. If the authority finds too much discrepancy between two claims information, they may likely reject your application.

You must indicate if you make any errors in the previous application.

Missing Contact with CPP Disability

Many applicants don’t stay in touch with the CPP disability plan. Frequent contact with CPP helps you to keep up to date with the latest information. It increases your claim success.


Missing Documents

Missing documents is a common issue in disability claim denial. Keep a copy of all of your records.


Lack of Understanding

Some applicants don’t know how the application works. It is not surprising that their applications get rejected so often.

You should know every ins and outs of the claim. Contact a lawyer if you find it difficult to understand.


Lack of Explanation

Some people only mention their details about disability. It’s equally important to specify how the disability affects your regular work. The authority checks your condition thoroughly and decides whether you are eligible for CPP disability benefits or not.


Final Thought

Disability benefits mean a lot to those who really unable to continue their work due to physical or psychological constraints. It is frustrating not to get the benefits if you truly deserve it. If you want to increase your claiming probability, you need to check everything is proper order.

CPP disability benefits claim procedure is not that complicated. But sometimes it gets hard to accumulate everything in one place. If you want to apply for a benefit claim, feel free to contact us. We will make sure that you apply for the claim accordingly.