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WSIB Clearance Certificate is crucial for business in Canada. This clearance certificate means you are a professional. You give serious attention to safety issues and legal responsibilities.

What exactly is the WSIB Clearance Certificate?

A WSIB Clearance Certificate is a document issued by the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) free of charge. It assures that the business is registered with the WSIB. It also guarantees that all required premium remittance and reconciliation forms have been filed.

Basically, this clearance certificate provides financial protection for the companies. To get to the more details, let’s talk about the importance and applications of the WSIB Clearance Certificate.

WSIB Clearance Certificate will help your company to avoid liability

If the hiring contractor or subcontractor is registered or fulfilling the payment to the WSIB, it will free your company from certain liabilities. The clearance certificate smooths down the whole process.

Your company may liable for the insurance premiums if your contractor fails to give payment to the WSIB.

WSIB Clearance Certificate ensures workplace safety

WSIB insurance fund wants to pay worker benefits at a sufficient level. If all the premium gets paid, there will be no shortage in the fund. The insurance fund deals with worker’s injury and illness. WSIB Clearance Certificate makes sure that all the unpaid premiums are being paid. This benefits the workers and the business.


WSIB Clearance is an effective on-time process

WSIB maintains a simple process to make sure that principals and contractors can easily and quickly get the clearance. To ensure this, it has an online eClearance system. When the contractors’ resister with WSIB, they will get added to a principal’s list.

After a contactor gets on a principal’s list, he gets an automatically generated clearance. Then the principle can manage clearance according to their contracts smoothly.

Here are some important notes to get a more clear view of WSIB Clearance Certificate-

  • WSIB Clearance Certificate ensures that each company gets to contribute to their fair share.
  • Unless the contractor or subcontractor shows you a clearance certificate, you can hold back the full labor portion of the contract.
  • WSIB Clearance Certificate doesn’t protect the company from a lawsuit.
  • It is not necessary to obtain Clearance Certificate from customers or suppliers.
  • WSIB Clearance Certificate doesn’t confirm that contractors or subcontractors are covered by the company.
  • The company should request a clearance certificate twice. Before the work begins and before releasing the final payment on the contract.
  • There are two types of WSIB Clearance Certificate- A generic clearance certificate issued to contractors for more than one person and company and a specific clearance certificate issued to contractors for only one person or company.
  • Clearance Certificate is valid for 60 days only

How to get a  WSIB Clearance Certificate

You have to call or write to your nearby WSIB office to get a WSIB Certificate of Clearance. For example, to get a WSIB Clearance Certificate in Ontario, you have to call WSIB Ontario clearance certificate office. You need to provide the details information about your company like Company name, location, the contractor name, and contact number, etc.

Contract employees are increasing rapidly in the Canadian market place. WSIB Clearance Certificate is essential if you deal with contract-based work. This certificate ensures the financial protection of a business as well as the worker’s safety in the workplace.

If you want to know more about WSIB, workplace safety, worker’s compensation, etc, feel free to reach us at any time.