Representation or knowledge of your claim at this level is vital, as this is the last chance to succeed with your claim. Many workers try to represent themselves only to find out later that they would have been better served by a representative.

Should a case need to appeal to this final level Meducation Services provides expert and qualified hearing representation. At this stage it is vital that all evidence that needs to be presented is obtained and submitted. There are numerous time limits throughout the entire appeals process but none more important than the time limit to appeal a decision and to file evidence for the hearing.

Meducation Services specializes in hearing representation and as you can see from our noteworthy decisions, we ensure that all matters that need to be presented on behalf of the client are done so to ensure that the Tribunal makes a complete and thorough decision.

At Meducation Services we pride ourselves in ensuring that your case is presented with the utmost professionalism and preparation.

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