Meducation Services works on behalf of the injured worker to ensure that all matters pertaining to their claim(s) are pursued on the client’s behalf. Using our experience, we will ensure that all medical reports and other evidence to establish the worker’s claim is obtained and presented to the WSIB to aid them in ensuring that a proper decision is made.

If a client’s claim is unsuccessful at the Case Management level of the WSIB then upon receiving proper instruction from the client, Meducation Services will pursue the first level of appeal at the WSIB Appeals Branch. At this stage, any additional evidence is obtained and the client is counselled throughout. Detailed submissions are presented on the worker’s behalf to ensure that the best case is put forward.

Recently injured at work? If so we have provided the following PDF for you to complete prior to arriving at our office. By law in Ontario all injured workers MUST complete a Form 6 to have your claim registered with the WSIB. 

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