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Many Canadian elderly people get confused to choose the right time to take CPP ( Canadian Pension plan). Is it beneficial to take CPP early, or is it wise to take time? It all depends on how you invest. If you are a fixed-income oriented investor, then you should delay the CPP. And if you are an aggressive stock oriented investor, then you should take CPP early?

Before making a solid argument about why an aggressive investor should take CPP early, let us break down to you what exactly is an aggressive investor?


Aggressive investors: What Do We Mean?

An aggressive investor typically attempts to maximize returns by looking for stocks with a higher reward. However, taking a higher risk comes with a price of higher risk. The aggressive investment strategy is best suited for young investors. This is because they can afford more time to ride out the down periods in the stock market.

The aggressive investment strategy should take on an early age. Interestingly enough, those who take an aggressive investment strategy should also take CPP early. Now that we make clear what really is an aggressive investor let’s see what kind of benefit an aggressive investor gets by taking CPP early.

The most possible benefit of taking CPP early for an aggressive investor-

  • Taking CPP early leaves your investment to grow.
  • Starting CPP early will benefit your RRSP.
  • Aggressive investors tend to use their CPP money for further investment.


Taking CPP early leaves your investment to grow.

An aggressive investor needs to invest for a more extended period. He has to wait patiently to tackle the market fluctuation. So he will not get any prompt support from his investment. By taking CPP early, he will get current financial aid. Meanwhile, his investment can continue to grow for the desired time.

Taking CPP early leaves your investment to grow.

Starting CPP early will benefit your RRSP

Even if all the criteria suggest to defer CPP, some expert Canada Pension Plan Lawyers suggest quite the opposite. Taking your CPP early might indicate that you would receive comparatively less income from your Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP). Apparently, you will have more money in your RRSP.


Aggressive investors tend to use their pension money for further investment.

Aggressive investors love to take the risk. Rather than just saving the money, they prefer to invest. If their risk-taking pays off, they will be awarded a big fortune. As an aggressive investor can monitor the market better, they have an excellent chance to invest in the right market. That’s why an aggressive investor may find it best suited to use CPP money as an investment as early as possible.

Aggressive investors tend to use their CPP money for further investment

Should others take CPP early too?

Starting CPP early doesn’t entirely depend on investment. It depends on many other different things too. It depends on your life expectancy.  For example, if you have a life expectancy of 75, then what good it will do to start your CPP in 70. Then you have to keep in mind the monetary inflation, tax policy, further change in CPP policy, etc.

Want to know more about CPP Canada? Here are some pros and cons for you-

  • An equity investor should also start CPP early. It will allow his/her investment to grow.
  • A balanced investor should defer CPP.
  • If you are still working, then you may consider deferring CPP. CPP income can add to your usual income and lead you to higher taxes.
  • If you have a higher life expectancy, then late CPP entitlement will benefit you.

CPP claims are not just a matter of mathematics. The right time to take CPP needs more analysis. CPP benefits vary from person to person.  We are here to help with the best CPP attorney Toronto. Feel free to contact us for any CPP related advice.