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If you have a workplace injury or personal injury, you are likely to hire a personal injury lawyer. You indeed need to hire the best injury lawyer to win the case, but hiring a lawyer is not everything. The time before hiring the lawyer is very crucial too.

Your chance of winning depends on what you should or shouldn’t do after a motor vehicle injury or a slip and fall injury. As many of you are going to make a case for the first time, you should be careful about the mistakes. Here’s what you shouldn’t do before hiring a personal injury lawyer.

Failing to Realize the Importance of Medical Follow-up

In many cases, people don’t go to the doctors right after an injury. Sometimes an injury can be severe, but you may not realize it immediately. When you seek medical help and prepare for the case, it could be too late to win the case. So, whether you have a severe injury or not and whether you want to file a lawsuit or not, you should seek medical help right after an injury.

Failing to Realize the Importance of Medical Follow-up

Failing to Give an Accurate Account of the Injury

Some people think that if they exaggerate their case a little bit, it could help them win the case. This is not true at all. The real scenario is quite the opposite. You must trust your lawyer to win the case and tell him/her what exactly happened to you. Your lawyer can’t help you if you don’t give him/her an accurate account of your story. Discuss with your attorney what happened to you and whether or not you should go for the compensation.


Posting Injuries to the Social Media

You shouldn’t post anything about the accident on social media before discussing it with your attorney. It could harm your case’s potentiality. Your opposite party could take advantage of the situation. You can take photos of the accident. It could be helpful for your case. But don’t do it when the police officers are on the scene.

Posting Injuries to the Social Media

Making Quick Settlement

Some people tend to settle their case for some instant cash. It’s not really a smart move. You may not know the fullest damage of your injury until a couple of days. When you learn that your injury is more severe than you think, the previous settlement could cost you the case. So, even if you go for a settlement out of the court, you need to wait a couple of days.


Fail to Report Immediately

A police report is very crucial to win a case. So, you need to call the police or report your accident right after it happens. Delaying to report the injury could make your case weak. You must notify the accident and injury immediately to the police.

Fail to Talk to Eyewitness

Some people totally forget about eyewitnesses. It could be vital to winning the claim. You must talk to the eyewitness and collect their address and phone number. You have to be very diplomatic when you speak to them. Try not to annoy them when you collect information from them.

The Bottom Line

The activities right after an injury are as important as hiring a lawyer. You mustn’t forget that. An attorney can’t help you if you don’t cooperate with him/her fully. So, you should prepare yourself before hiring a personal injury lawyer.

We know an injury can put you through immense hardship and how important it is to get the compensation you rightfully deserve. We will try to give our best effort to make sure that you win your personal injury lawsuit.