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Slip and fall are some of the most common types of workplace injuries. It can happen now and then to anyone. Though it may not sound dangerous, it can be pretty damaging if you are unlucky. You may fracture one or two of your bones and remain out of commission for a couple of months.

Slip and fall accidents increase, especially in the winter season, when the road becomes icy. So, it’s a common accident in winter dominant Ontario, Canada. The settlement case of slip and fall accidents is a tricky one. Because it’s tough to prove who is responsible for the accident. That’s why we are going to lay out a process of how to settle these types of cases.

slip and fall accident

When You Have a Case of Slip and Fall

I have told you before that making a slip and fall settlement case is complicated. It could be almost impossible to prove the negligence of the authority. So before going for the compensation claim, you have to make sure that you have a case. Two things to consider before making a claim-

  • How you fall: As falling is the most common accident, you need to specify how you fall. You have to prove that you fell for someone else’s negligence or error. For instance- you are running or rushing for some reason and then slipping on a puddle on a restaurant that should be mopped. But, if you are going to make a claim here, the court may consider your part of negligence too.
  • Where you fell: It’s also crucial that where you fell. There are many cases where it’s evident that another party is responsible for your accident. Still, there is no way to prove it. Sometimes the case could have a real twist. When you fall inside a building, the case may not always be against the building manager or owner. You may build a case against the maintenance company.

How Much Can You Bag From a Slip and Fall Case in Ontario

It’s tough to specify the compensation amount without knowing the details of a case. It depends on how severe the injury is and what degree the authority is responsible for the accident. The compensation is mainly for covering medical bills, rehabilitation, and a loss of income due to the absence of the work.

But, the maximum amount of compensation for slip and fall Ontario case is approximately $360,000. In some cases, your family could also get compensation if your injury directly affects them.

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What to Do After a Fall?

The activities and decisions you do or make after an accident are crucial for winning a case. So, here is a quick note of actions you should take after a slip and fall accident-

  • Make sure that the evidence is preserved. It’s the age of smartphones. So you can click a photo right after an accident.
  • Look for some eyewitnesses after the accident. Please take note of their statement, name, and address.
  • Call for medical help. The medical report is very clinical for making a compensation claim.
  • Contact an expert personal injury lawyer immediately and explain to him/her about your situation.
  • If you have health insurance, you should also contact them and let them know your situation.
  • Try to represent your case honestly. In many instances, a straightforward way is the best way.

The Bottom Line

These are pretty much to know for a slip and fall accident case. In many cases, other parties may want to settle the case outside the court. You may as well consider this option. Even If you think you have a strong case, settling outside of court could be a good idea. Because the opponents are also going to spend a lot of money to defend their case.

Our law firm has an outstanding reputation for handling cases like slip and fall and other personal injury cases. Contact us if you have a case like this. We can guarantee you the best support in Ontario.