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Among all the injuries people suffer after a vehicle accident, neck and back injuries are quite common. These types of injuries are very annoying and could be dangerous at times. The worst part is that it takes quite a long time to be completely recovered from the injury. In some cases, people have to suffer permanent pain or disability for these injuries.

Due to the violent back and forth during the injuries, chances are that you are going to develop some kind of back or neck injuries. Even a low hit can be enough to cause a big injury. So, it’s important to know the payout of the compensation you can get from suffering these types of personal injuries.

The Symptoms of Neck and Back Injuries

The symptoms of neck and back injuries can vary depending on the nature and severity of the accident. Some symptoms are more common than other injuries. For example, you can develop whiplash very easily. Here are the symptoms you may develop from back or neck injuries-

  • Whiplash – It occurs around the neck due to the sudden acceleration-deceleration of the car.
  • Soft tissue damage- It’ is damage to ligaments, tendons, or muscles and can cause pain, swelling, and bruising.
  • Vertebrate Fractures- It may occur from a heavy hit and can cause severe pain in the back.
  • Herniated Disk– If it happens, you may feel pain radiate through your lower back area.
  • Spinal Stenosis– This is a serious injury. It occurs most of the time in the lower back and the neck.
  • Severed spinal cord- These injuries can cause the loss of sensation and ability to move in the harmed area.
  • Paralysis- Temporary or permanent paralysis may occur from a serious car crash.

You need to call a doctor immediately if you feel even a bit uneasy in your back or neck.

Compensation for Neck and Back Injuries in Toronto

Before going for the compensation, you and your personal lawyers need to calculate the total figure of your loss. Calculating the total amount of compensation might not be very easy given that every case is different. But there are some common factors you always take into account-

Medical Cost

Medical costs can differ from country to country, even state to state. The costs also depend on the severity of the illness. You should consult with a medical professional about the total cost you may need for your treatment.

Medical Record of the Complaint

The current health condition of the complaint is also crucial to measure compensation. If the victim is young and healthy, the compensation cost may rise higher. If the person has already a back pain or neck pain, there might be a very slim chance of getting compensation

Comparative Negligence

Comparative negligence also plays an important role to determine compensation. It also has to take into account how much you are responsible for your own injury. Many states follow modified comparative negligence. It practices a threshold of culpability. If you exceed that threshold, you will not get any compensation.

Income Loss

The compensation amount is also going to add a person’s income loss into account. The victim will be compensated for the month’s income loss for the injury and the family will be compensated for the loss they had to face because of the effort they had to give for the victim’s injury.

Final Thought

Some neck and back injuries don’t look serious from the start. But it may persist or get worse with time. If you don’t take it seriously, you may have to experience some unpleasant pain in the future. So, after an accident, you should make sure that you have done four things- 1. Visit a doctor, 2. Call or report police, 3. Contact your insurance company and  4. Contact a personal injury lawyer.

If you had an accident recently, suffering pain and looking for a personal injury lawyer in Toronto, you can contact us for some legal advice.