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Gaining compensation from a personal injury case is not that easy. It’s more complicated than you think. You need to hire the best possible personal injury lawyer you can to win the case. Now the question is, how will you hire an experienced and skilled lawyer. How can you know that the lawyer or attorney is best suited for your case?

The best way to judge an attorney by asking questions. If you can manage to ask the right questions, the possibility of selecting the expert lawyer will be high.

what to ask a personal injury lawyer

What are your fees?

Personal injury attorneys generally work on a contingency fee basis. It means that you only have to pay if you win the case and get monetary compensation. So, it’s logical for you to consult a lawyer who is working on a contingency fee basis.

Typically, the lawyer takes a percentage of the reward between 25 percent (25%) to 40 percent (40%). It’s not always a good thing to go for the lawyer who charges less. Some law firms may give way to lucrative offers for their clients. Be wary of them. They may end up messing up your case.


Have you litigated a case like mine before?

This is a crucial question to ask. If your lawyer has handled a case like yours, then it will be easier for you to communicate. As the lawyer has previous experience, he/she can manage your case smoothly. The possibility of winning a case will also increase.


What is your assessment of my case?

After an accident, the victim is likely to get personal injury compensation. But, it doesn’t necessarily guarantee your success. Many times, the winning possibility of a case depends on the nature of the case and how the lawyer will represent the case. It also depends on the laws of a state or country. The degree of penalty and compensation could wildly vary from state to state.

That’s why an unbiased assessment of the case from your lawyer is critical. Your lawyer should be transparent about the viability of winning the case.

what is your assessment of my case

Who will handle my case?

Sometimes, seeking help from the law firm could be more cost-friendly. In that case, you need to know who will handle your case? Ask the firm who will be your contact and who you should contact if you want to ask something about the case. In some cases, firms would send their junior lawyers to handle the case. If you are not comfortable with that, you should clarify your demands before proceeding with the lawsuit.

How long will the resolution take?

Court cases are hard to predict. Some claims take longer than the clients expect. Sometimes, the lawsuit could get annoyingly lengthy. People don’t always have the energy or will to run the case for a long time. So, it’s crucial to ask your attorney about the time frame of the case. An expert lawyer should have a gross idea about how long the injury claim case would run into court.


What do you need from me before and during my case?

Typically, the lawyer will ask you this question. But, remember, the case is yours. It means it’s your responsibility to check every detail of your case. The more you get co-operative with your lawyer, the more you will be comfortable with your compensation claim case. Skilled lawyers always want full participation from clients.

You should provide complete information about your injury, medical report, medicine, recovery time, treatment costs, property damage, etc. to your lawyer. Comprehensive information is always helpful in winning the case.


Final Thought

Your attorney is someone who is going to work with you closely. So, the communication between you and the attorney should be straight forward. Asking some questions to the lawyer will not cost you money. It will create a positive work environment between the lawyer and the clients.

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