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Many things have come into consideration after a car accident. Who is responsible for the accident? Who is going to pay the compensation? What should be the amount of compensation? How to negotiate with the insurance company about the vehicle accident?

But, the most important question would be, ” who is responsible for the accident. Because the whole case will revolve around this question mostly. The nature and action of the whole case depend on this question. So, after an accident, it’s important to prove whether the driver is distracted or not.

What to Do to Prove a Driver was Distracted

Here are few things you can do to prove a driver was distracted-

Analyze the Scene of the Accident

The scene of the accident tells us a great deal about the accident. After an accident, you need to look for if there is any video surveillance footage of the accident. The footage should be sufficient to prove if the driver was distracted or not.

But, if there is no surveillance footage, you need to rely on other details to figure out who was responsible. You should take some photographs of the accident scene so that if the evidence gets altered or washed away, you can present the evidence to the court.

Ask for Driver’s Cell Phone Record

Drivers get distracted over their cell phones quite often. It is strictly prohibited and against the law but we seem to forget it a lot. So, if the video surveillance footage failed to catch the real scenario, I think checking the driver’s call record can have some merits. Check if he/she was engaged in a call while the accident occurred.

Ask for Driver’s Cell Phone Record

Ask Eyewitnesses for Statements

The eye witness statement is pretty relevant in a case like this. Check if anyone nearby witnessed the accident and take his/her account of the accident. The eye witness can give you an unbiased opinion about the accident.

Use Medical Report

Medical reports can tell a lot about how the injury exactly happened. Well, it’ll never guarantee you to be exact but you should delve into these kinds of little things cause you will never know what would come in handy in a case like personal injury.

Use Medical Report

Use Police Report

The court always takes police reports seriously. The police report contains detailed information about the accident. How was the speed limit of the car when the driver was driving, did he/she take any illegal drugs or substances before he/she was driving and many other things you can know from a police report

Hire a Crash Expert

Hiring a crash expert is a good idea if you think something is still missing for your compensation case. A crash expert can deduce how the accident happens by examining the crashed vehicle and accident spot. If you don’t have something solid, I don’t think you should hire a crash expert as it could be costly.

Call a Personal Injury Lawyer

You need a personal injury lawyer for filing a personal injury case. So, isn’t it better to consult with a lawyer soon? So, if you had a car crash injury recently, then don’t hesitate to call us. We give a one-hour free consultancy before taking a case.