Very few things can be as vexatious as dealing with a workplace injury. On one hand you’re dealing with the injury, and on the other you’re being worried about your financial situation. During your injury, you will have to pay the hefty hospital bills and for your recovery. Although you can claim for workers’ compensation once you’ve attained the injury, most of the employees fail to receive worker’s compensation from their employers.


Not only that, your employer might decide not to pay you during the time you’re recovering. Or, in worse case scenarios, you might be on the risk of losing your job. Pair this up with your medical bills and recovering fees, you’ll be very deep into your debts.


So, what should you do when you’re injured at work?


Filing A Case In The WSIB

To help employees get the compensation they deserve, the Workplace Safety & Insurance Board (WSIB) was set up. This governing body deals with all cases of workplace injury and tries to bring justice to people who’d been fired by the employer.


In 2017, the WSIB filed around 239,000 cases and have served more than 5.4 million people and over 300,000 employers. Anyone who’s been injured at work and didn’t get compensation and/or has been unfairly terminated from employment can appeal to the WSIB appeals tribunal.


Now, due to the huge volume of cases received, the WSIB tribunal allocates very little time for each hearing. For this reason, it’s very important that you show your case clearly to the WSIB tribunal. But how are you going to do that?


Representing Your Case In The WSIB

As said previously, you need proper representation in the WSIB to show your case clearly. However, that doesn’t mean that you need to hire attorneys to represent your workplace injury to the WSIB appeals tribunal.


The WSIB clearly states that you can represent your case in front of the tribunal. This means that you can cut down costs and represent your case and wait for the decision to arrive. Most people choose this path, and many of them eventually had to appeal to the WSIAT as they didn’t agree with the WSIB appeal decisions.



It’s mostly because they failed to follow the proper procedure or portray their message to the WSIB tribunal. Pair this up with the very little time allocated for each case, and you have people unhappy with the decisions.


This is exactly why you need proper representation in the WSIB. Hiring professional attorneys to take care of your case doesn’t necessarily mean extra costs, you can always depend on their expertise and knowledge. There are other benefits of hiring lawyers to provide you proper representation in the WSIB. Let’s look at a few!


How Professional Lawyers Can Help Your Get Your Desired Decision


How Professional Lawyers Can Help Your Get Your Desired Decision!

Let’s be serious – hiring professional attorneys might additional costs. However, when you’re trying to fight your employer in court, you need expertise and knowledge to get a competitive edge over your employer to win the case.


Not only that, hiring professional lawyers for representing you at the WSIB can come with additional benefits. These are:


  • Time Savings: Appeals at the WSIB generally takes a lot of time. After filing your case, the WSIB gets back to you within 2 weeks, and the decision process might take more than 12 weeks. During this time, you’ll be put through intense stress and physical pressure as you’d have to come to the WSIB tribunal every time they call you. Moreover, improper representation at the WSIB might cost you more time as the tribunal will fail to give proper decisions based on your claims.


Expert workplace injury attorneys know exactly how to represent your case to the WSIB to bring results in the least time possible. They also follow the proper procedure of representing your case to the tribunal, along with making sure all of the required documents are brought. This will surely help reduce stress and pressure from you and save you time.


  • Very Little Effort: Once you delegate your representation to an expert WSIB attorney in Ontario, you can depend on their expertise to bring you the representation you deserve. Moreover, they know exactly what documents you’ll require and they’ll ask you or help you to prepare those. This means that you won’t have to worry about those during the cases. Most people fail to bring essential documents, which has been the prime reason why many cases tend to last a very long time!


  • Expert Advice: Not only with the time savings and effortless cases, but the expert advice from your best workplace attorney in Ontario is also something that you can’t buy with money. He/she will go through your case elaborately and will give you advice of how to approach this case. Also, your attorney will set you up for the case along with telling you the process to follow.


The Bottom Line

To make sure that you’re getting your desired decision from the WSIB appeals tribunal, it’s critical that you seek for proper representation in the WSIB. Although you can represent yourself at the WSIB appeals tribunal, it’s not recommended.


You’ll forget important documents, not know the proper procedure of representing case in the WSIB and/or may require expert advice from experienced people. For this reason, it’s recommended that an expert workplace injury lawyer in Toronto takes care of your case. This will not only save you time, but it will also reduce your efforts. Additionally, the expert advice you’ll be getting is upfront invaluable!


If you’re someone who’s been injured at work and look for expert representation in the WSIB, do not worry; we’ve got you covered! Book a consultation with us and let’s review your case! With over 25 years of experience working with Workplace Safety & Insurance Board Claims and Appeals (WSIB and WSIAT) cases, we can surely offer you the best representation possible!