Many of us, even employers, think that workplace safety is a banner held high by everyone. However, it isn’t always the case. It makes much more sense than what it seems. Your place of work may be a much safer place now. But workplace injury is still on the card.


It’s the legal rights of the employees to expect a work atmosphere where the standards for their health and safety would be met. In spite of being a legal obligation, workplace safety can have a great impact on productivity and loyalty. In fact, business owners might think that this simple phrase may cost them a lot. However, in reality, a safe workplace can bring them a lot more profit and a positive corporate culture. This also conveys a positive work culture and entices worker’s safety.


Each and every employee who left home in the morning wishes to back from work in good health. Have you ever thought about what it would be like to get an unwanted phone call from your loved one’s workplace? Well! Let’s not think about that. Rather, we should focus on ‘Why is workplace safety so important to an organization?’


Keeping the Employees Safe

As an employer or as a human being, it is your duty and responsibility to ensure the safety of your employees, let alone the legal obligations. The natural priority is to prevent accidents and potential injuries to employees.


Most of the safety hazards in the workplace don’t happen because of nefarious intentions. But, it arises when an organization doesn’t give that much attention to training their employees with the proper safety protocols.


Workplace Injuries Are to Cost You Time & Money

Employers are bound by the law to compensate an injured worker for work-related injuries. So, if a business owner thinks that ensuring workplace safety is causing him money, then he must consider that workplace injury claim from a worker injured at work might cost him millions. Employers must have the workers’ compensation insurance policy, but a workplace injury can increase the basic cost.


An injured worker has to take time from work, and the organization has to hire another person for work temporarily. In the meantime, the injured worker will also be paid by employers due to the worker compensation benefits. So, it costs the employers almost double, but he is getting the service of one. Let not forget one more important thing that if an injury takes place in a construction site or at a manufacturing plant, the entire operation will be shut down until an investigation is conducted by the authority.


Safe Workplace Increase Productivity

Safe Workplace Increase Productivity

Concerning an unsafe workplace or workplace injury are terrible for worker assurance. A worker who is worried about being harmed can’t dedicate complete consideration to day by day work assignments.


Organizations that take workplace safety with utmost sincerity and take the necessary steps to train the employees with proper safety measures are to build a strong relationship with the employees. They tend to think of them as a part of that organization. This feeling strengthens the bond between the employees and the organization. And, it’s needless to say that this idea has a direct correlation to productivity.


Workplace Safety Builds The Company’s Reputation

Customers will turn away from an organization that operates in an unsafe manner. For example, if a restaurant uses unsafe and unhealthy cooking practices can’t attract customers. In the same way, customers are not going to step into a jumbled or cluttered store with potential hazards.


If you are to build a loyal community of customers around your business, you must comply with the workplace safety procedures. You can’t deny the fact that the positive attitude of the employees will increase positive customer interactions, and that will lead to customer retention and loyalty.


Safe Work Environment Can Minimize the Legal Liabilities

Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS) looks after workplace safety in Canada. They provide organizations with some safety standards to maintain.


Organizations are strictly instructed to follow the safety standards. If they fail to do so, they might end up into legal procedures in court. Also, this might result in the shutdown of the company and other penalties. As an employer, you’d definitely not want to go through such legal hazards. Would you?


Why is workplace safety so important to an organization


Accidents are not intentional and that even may happen to the safest workplaces. But, ensuring workplace safety can definitely minimize the risk of a workplace injury or workplace hazards. That’s what we are talking about throughout this article.


On another note, providing employees with safety insurance is another requirement of maintaining workplace safety. WSIB Ontario or Workplace Safety & Insurance Board, previously known as Workers Compensation Board is an Ontario government agency that helps with the insurance policies and various compensation issues, including the workplace injury claim. They provide compensation to the injured workers on a no-fault basis. Though, the employer can contest the WSIB claim to the WSIB appeals tribunal.


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