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Many of us are working from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We don’t know how long we have to stay home to protect ourselves from this deadly virus. So, we are pretty much locked up in this situation for an undefined time.

Now you have more free time than ever. You don’t have to get ready for the office and face the daily boring traffic jam to go to your office. Needless to say, there is no party or occasion for you to attend.

Though you have more free time, you may find it harder to work at home than in your office. You may wonder why? You are not the only one. Many employees are facing the same problem. What’s the main problem? Why is working from home harder than we think?

Lack of Coordination

Every office has its own system. The system may not be smooth, but we are pretty much accustomed to it. We know what to do, what to avoid, and who to call. In a word, everybody knows his place.

Now, as we are working from home, we have to adopt a completely new system. Not everyone would feel the same comfort and flexibility in this new arrangement. So, even with our best effort, the system is not running as smoothly as before.

lack of coordination

Absence of Coworkers

On a regular busy day at the office, you may feel irritated with any of your coworker as he/she comes to chat with you about some events or ideas that you have no interest in. You may think you would be better off without this needless distraction.

Surprisingly enough, this seemingly time-wasting friendly gossiping is actually helpful. It keeps you fresh and makes your work less boring. So, you are indeed missing your colleagues. Well, you can still chat with them, but it’s not the same in the virtual medium.

Lack of Pressure

As you are working from home, there is no time limit to do your task. It gives you more flexibility. But, this flexibility is not really very helpful. The time limit keeps you focused on. You know you have to complete your task at your office hour.

As the working schedule becomes a bit flexible, there is a chance that you may pile up your tasks to do later. Now, you are not going to enjoy the pressure when you have to work double to cover up your missing time.

Lack of Work Environment

Everybody is stuck at home due to the pandemic. Now, you are getting uninterrupted family time. It may sound great, but the reality is a bit different. As every family member is at home for all time, it can be a nuisance.

Finding a suitable workplace at your home could be a real problem. If you have little children, the environment could be noisier. You may find it very difficult to concentrate.

Staying Home for a Long Time Creates Stress

You are staying at home for an extended period. People may enjoy it for a couple of weeks, but for a more extended period, it’s not healthy. Experts say that people can experience stress and anxiety during their lockdown period.

It is not easy to work with a lot of stress. So, as long as you don’t work out your stress, you wouldn’t get your required focus.

Staying Home for a Long Time Creates Stress

Final Thought

None of us were prepared for this pandemic. It catches us off guard. We have no choice but to adjust to this changed period. Working from home is now going to be our new trend. So, we better prepare ourselves to work in this new situation.

There are actually a few tips to improve your productivity when you are working from your home. You can follow them if you want. If you change your lifestyle, then you may enjoy this new work arrangement.