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When you are at the office or workplace, you want to be at your best. You want to be efficient at your work and less exhausted after you get home. That’s why you must remain stress-free as possible during your work time.

Nothing can be as bad as stress at work. It will draw your energy very quickly. You can’t focus on your work. If the workplace stress remains unchecked, you may have to suffer from long term anxiety. The stress is like a vicious cycle. If it starts for some reason, it will begin to increase.

Here’s what you can do to alleviate your work stress.

deal with stress at work

Stay Organized

Most of our workplace stress or stress, in general, is associated with a lack of organization. You can save a lot of energy  if you do your task orderly. If you keep everything in order in your workplace, you will find it refreshing to start your work.

But, as simple as it sounds, maintaining a regular life is not that easy. If it’s that easy, then everyone would be organized. You need a right set of mind for that. The most important thing about maintaining an organized workplace is never leaving anything or any task for tomorrow.

Avoid Conflict

Conflict is one of the main reasons for workplace stress. I admit that not everyone in the workplace is as friendly as you anticipate. You may also deal with passive-aggressive colleagues. They may behave normally with others around but hold an unpleasant attitude when dealing with you personally.

This kind of conflicting attitude could raise your mental stress. The best way to resolve this problem is to make yourself more engaging with others. Instead of avoiding them, become more friendly and communicative. In most cases, it will solve your problem.

Get Rid Of Distraction

Nowadays, keeping yourself out of destruction is not easy work. We all have internet, pc, laptop, and smartphone. These modern gadgets are the main source of distraction. But you can’t get rid of these things as they are now part and parcel of office work. The best way to protect yourself from smartphones and internet distractions is to make some rules for yourself.

It could be like staying out of social media while you are working. Don’t look for the smartphone unless someone calls. There are no golden rules to follow. Just make some rules that help you to stay focused on your work. The more you can stay focused, the more productive you will be. More productivity means less stress at the workplace.

distaction of smartphone at workplace

Make Yourself Comfortable

You stay at your workplace for one-third of your total time. It’s a lot of time. So, you need to be as comfortable as possible in your workplace. The more comfortable you are, the less stressed you will feel. Give extra care to where you sit. If you find something bothers you, discuss it with your colleagues and employer. In a word, do whatever you need to stay comfortable.

Be Straightforward

A lot of your problems will be resolved if you manage to be a little more straightforward. People often think that being direct is impolite or rude. But honestly, there is a big difference between being harsh and straightforward. Being direct means being clear about your work and holding others responsible for their parts too. It resolves many conflicts and makes your work less complicated. Less friction means less stress.

Don’t Rush

We don’t enjoy the same refreshment and work energy every day. There are times you may lag behind or unable to perform your task the way you want or your boss wants. So, if you are in a position like this, what should you do?

If you rush, you will end up messing things up more. The right way to deal with this situation is to calm yourself, make a framework of your task, and complete it accordingly. Doing something steady is many times more fruitful than doing something quickly.

Avoid Multitasking

Sometimes, you may have to do two or three tasks at short notice. In many cases, we try to finish it at a time. It really slows down your performance. What you should do to maintain a time slot. When you are in a specific time slot, do precisely one task and don’t even think of other tasks. It will help you to speed up your work.


Stress at work can be as bad as a workplace injury. It would help if you gave it special attention. Workplace stress can lead to other problems like mental trauma, lack of confidence, fatigue, headache, insomnia, etc. If your colleagues or co-workers are responsible for mental stress, you should inform your employer. In some cases, you could present your case to WSIB.