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Every year, an appalling number of employees had to suffer from a workplace injury. These injuries, whether fatal or non-fatal, have a very negative impact on employees’ careers. Even if they get their deserved compensation, it doesn’t really compensate for their real loss.

So, everyone’s first priority should be creating an injury-free workplace. It’s not a very hard thing to do. A bit of awareness could change the entire outlook of the workplace. If you can identify the safety hazards in the first place, you can reduce the injury incidents for a great deal.

workplace safety hazards

Look For Tripping Hazards

Trips and falls are the two most common hazards in the workplace. It doesn’t sound that serious, but with a bit of bad luck, these injuries could be pretty much fatal.

These types of injuries are avoidable. Inspect your office or workplace room by room. Check if any boxes are kept in an odd place. Or is there any sign of leaks. Or is there any improper lighting.

In a word, check for anything that is out of place or out of order.


Take a good look at your lighting

You may wonder that lighting could be a problem. Yap, it could create a hell lot of a problem. Improper lighting can cause severe problems for the workers. The common problems of too bright or to deem light arrangement are headache, diminished vision, blurriness, etc.

Long term exposure in bright light or deem light is harmful to health. So, the authority should have a better maintenance system about arranging the lighting system in the workplace.


Make Sure That Your Workplace has Proper Ventilation

You don’t want to suffocate in your workplace, at least literally. To create a proper workplace environment, you will need to have a workplace with adequate ventilation.

Make sure that your workplace is dust-free. Check that it has proper temperature, humidity, and airflow. If the employees work in a damp place, their work standard will surely become low.

Keep Your Workplace Clean

A filthy workplace can make workers sick anytime. It can be a significant health hazard for everyone. Make sure that every worker maintains the hygiene standard like cleaning hands, using a mask, etc. Also, make sure that every washroom gets cleaned at least once every day. Take good care of the lunchrooms and cafeteria.


Create a Safety Checklist

This must be the most crucial step to avoid a safety hazard in the workplace. Create a simple checklist of things or actions that you think might be dangerous or harmful to the workplace. Then create another list of things or actions that you think are helpful to create a safe work environment. Then share these checklists to every staff. That’s how everyone can follow what he/she should do or avoid to do to keep the workplace safe and sound.

What to do If You Find Your Workplace Unsafe to Work

If you feel that your workplace is not safe to work, you can do the following things-

Complain or Report to the Authority

If you feel something makes your workplace unsafe, complain to your superior or authority immediately. Make sure everyone knows every detail of the possible hazards that it can do. That’s how they can give special attention to that specific problem.

Inform Your Colleague

Inform your colleagues or coworkers about the possible danger of the workplace. Make sure that they avoid specific risks until the authority takes proper action to nullify it.

Refuse to Work

Remember that you have every right to refuse to work if you find your workplace is unsafe. Any pressure of working in that environment will be a serious legal crime. So, don’t be afraid to lose your job. Just refuse to work until the authorities take proper action.



Workplace health and safety standards should be maintained and monitored accordingly. Every company should have an adequate policy to make its workplace safe and sound. In the end, employers and employees have to be responsible for creating a better workplace.