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Coronavirus Outbreak is doing massive damage around the world. Our regular life is destroyed. Pretty much, everyone is staying home for safety. Thousands of companies are losing their money. The life we always know is over, at least for a while.

The good news is our government is taking some significant steps to fight the coronavirus outbreak. Here are some benefits you are being offered-

Employment Insurance

Employment Insurance (EI) sickness benefits usually offer up to fifteen weeks of income replacement. The benefit is available for those who are unable to work for injury, sickness, or quarantine. The Canadians who are affected by coronavirus can have the following support by service Canada-

  • There will be no more one-week waiting period for EI sickness benefits. Now the quarantined can get their benefit from the first week of their claim.
  • A new dedicated toll-free number is established to support queries related to the EI sickness benefits waiting period.
  • A medical certificate is no longer necessary to claim EI sickness benefits.
  • Those who are unable to complete their sickness benefits due to quarantine can apply later.

Canada Student Loans

Our government has announced its plan to pause the repayment of Canada Student Loans and Canada Apprentice Loans until September 30, 2020. The fantastic news is there will be no accrual of interest. The plan will come to effect on March 30, 2020.

Canada Student Loans

The Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB)

The Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) will provide income support for up to 16 weeks to the Canadians who don’t get their payment because of the coronavirus outbreak. Those who don’t have any employment insurance or don’t qualify for it are going to get this benefit. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau assures-

“The hard truth is people are out of work because of this crisis and worried about what comes next. So I want you to know that we’ll be there to help you. Our government is doing everything we can to be there for you.”

More Benefits to Come

A significant number of Canadian business groups are calling for a national effort to protect jobs and keep everything mobilized. A statement released by the Canadian Chamber of Commerce says-

“Canadian businesses are ready and able to step up to overcome the challenge of COVID-19. We will work to ensure that Canadians have the food to feed their families, the fuel to heat our homes, and to keep essential services moving, the equipment and facilities to treat the sick, and the communications systems that unite us even as we are kept apart from one another. To win this fight, we need every possible human and financial resource, and we must be able to focus all of our attention on this struggle.”

The Bottom Line

When there is a pandemic, there will be casualties. People on different incomes will have different impacts. There is no way to deny that. But we can minimize the casualties to a great degree if we know how to deal with it.

The Canadian government is taking the coronavirus outbreak very seriously and doing some amazing jobs for the citizens. It’s great news for us, and if we cooperate with the government and follow some guidelines, we can slow down the pandemic. Contact us for any work-related benefit queries.