If you’re injured at work, you’re entitled to receive workplace injury benefits. These benefits are usually covered by your employers as a part of insurance payments to the WSIB in Toronto. However, you must make sure that you report your workplace injury to the Workplace Safety & Insurance Board (WSIB) in Toronto as soon as possible.

Generally, you’ll have six months to report your injury. But, it’s very important that you report your workplace injury at the earliest to help your case. Also, you should make sure you’re eligible to receive workplace injury benefits in Toronto, have all the necessary documents ready and that you have an expert representing your case to the WSIB board.

Why You Need Expert Representation

An expert representation will not only strengthen your case to the WSIB in Toronto, but will also help you cut through the clutter and save you time and effort. 


At Meducation Services, we’ll work on the behalf of the injured worker to ensure that all matters pertaining to their claim(s) are pursued on the client’s behalf. Using our extensive experience in WSIB in Toronto, we will ensure that all medical reports and other evidence to establish the worker’s claim is obtained and presented to the WSIB inToronto to aid them in ensuring that a proper decision is made.

What’s Next?

If a client’s claim is unsuccessful at the Case Management level of the WSIB in Toronto, then upon receiving proper instruction from the client, Meducation Services will pursue the first level of appeal at the WSIB Appeals Branch. At this stage, any additional evidence is obtained and the client is counseled throughout. Detailed submissions are presented on the worker’s behalf to ensure that the best case is put forward.

Ready to file for a workplace injury claim? Just head to the WSIB Form 6 and fill it up prior to arriving at our office. By law, all injured workers in Toronto MUST complete a Form 6 to have their claim registered with the WSIB in Toronto.