If you’re applying for the Canada Pension Plan, or the CPP, in Toronto, you need to make sure your case is handled with profound professionalism. At Meducation Services, we take on CPP cases from the very beginning (the application stage) up until the final level of Appeal, which is referred to as the Social Security Tribunal, or the SST.

For all sorts of CPP Disability Benefits claim, you must ensure that you have experts backing you up! This is because applying for CPP in Toronto is a multi-step process, and you have little scope of making a mistake!

Why, you may ask!

It’s because once you request for CPP Disability Benefits in Toronto, you must wait a few weeks to get a response. If your request for CPP in Toronto is denied, the first decision may be reconsidered by Service Canada during the reconsideration stage.

What if your application for CPP in Toronto is denied?

If your application for CPP in Toronto is again denied, you can appeal to the Social Security Tribunal (SST) in Toronto. The hearings taken in the SST can be done with in-person hearing, teleconference or video conferences. 


As your legal representative, we make sure that Service Canada and the Tribunal has all the medical information and available evidence to assist them in making a proper decision.


We also make sure that the CPP claims in Toronto, Canada are dealt with the utmost professionalism, as this helps increase the chances of the claims getting accepted. Moreover, the CPP payments you’ll receive will depend on how you present your case.

That’s when you can surely take our help! With decades worth of experience, we can represent your CPP claim. We’ve already dealt with loads of similar cases of CPP claims in Canada, and we can help with your case, too!

Book a consultation with our expert CPP attorneys and let’s discuss how we can help your CPP claim in Toronto!