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To most people, WSIB (Workplace Safety and Insurance Board) means only the compensation for loss of income or wages due to workplace injury. Well, the compensation is indeed the most important part of WSIB. However, there are many other benefits of the WSIB system that most of us overlook.

In this article, you will try to introduce you to some of the WSIB benefits that are somewhat unfamiliar to most Canadians. Hope, it will help you when you are going to deal with WSIB by yourself.

Loss of Incomes

I guess you already know this one. Most people go to WSIB for this benefit mainly. When you miss your work for injury, you lose your payment too. If WSIB covers you, it will cover 85 percent of your income throughout your recovery. There are some conditions though to get this compensation-

  • If the injury occurred on or after January 1, 1998,
  • You are eligible for your compensation until your retirement age. It means you are going to get your compensation until you are 65.
  • If you completely recover from your injury and capable of working again in full capacity, you don’t get the compensation.

Non-Economic Loss

You can also receive compensation for psychological or functional loss. If the worker has a permanent impairment from work-related fatality or illness, he/she may be eligible for this benefit under Section 46 of the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act, 1997 (WSIA). The workers who are having an ongoing impairment after a work-related injury and reaching a point from where recovery is not possible are qualified for this benefit.

There is a complicated formula to calculate the amount of the benefit.


Work-Related Chronic Mental Stress Benefits

If you have mental stress, you might be eligible for compensation. There is though three criteria to be considered for work-related chronic stress by WSIB-

Two more conditions to get the benefit-

  • The incident occurred on or after 29 April 2014. To be qualified, the worker had to file a claim on or before 1 July 2018.
  • If WSIB didn’t reach on verdict before 1 January 2018 on mental stress.
Work-Related Chronic Mental Stress Benefits by WSIB

Loss of Retirement Income

You may be eligible for this benefit if you are under the age of 64 on the date of injury and have been receiving loss of earnings (LOE) benefits for 12 continuous months. WSIB will set aside a portion equal to 5% of all following LOE benefits. You will get the retirement benefit after you are 65.

Personal Care Allowance

If the worker gets severely impaired for a work-related injury, then he/she may be entitled to personal care allowance. It allows him/her to hire an attendant to help out to continue daily activities. According to the need and complicacy of the situation, the expertise or skill of the attendant may vary.

The attendant is not necessarily a nurse. The worker’s spouse, relatives, or friends can also be an attendant.

Health Care Benefits

You may be able to get covered for health care costs, prescription medications, medical devices, transportation costs by WSIB. On many occasions, WSIB directly pays the health care provider.

Home Care Policy

In some cases, WSIB covers home care services to injured workers. If you live in a remote area, and it’s physically painful for you to reach out for medical assistance or therapy, you may be eligible for this benefit. Remember that your doctor’s opinion is critical for this decision.

Vehicle Modification Policy

In some rare cases, you may be qualified for this benefit. It is applicable for those cases where vehicle modification is necessary for your safety or your inability to ride on a regular vehicle.

Home Modification Policy

If you sustain a severe permanent disability or impairment, and your home needs to be modified for the current situation, the WSIB may authorize home modification for you. This is an extreme case and applicable to the severely injured workers.


The Bottom Line

WSIB is always there for workers’ injury needs. However, many of the benefits are getting overlooked because we don’t know about it. Many people complain about not having a fair treatment in WSIB. The problem, in many cases, is the lack of proper representation.

Our professionals are well-experienced in dealing with many WSIB cases. We can help you to maximize your benefits by merely putting our expertise and experience altogether. If you have a work-related injury, give us a call. We will help you to get the benefits you deserve.