After a workplace injury, you must report your injury to the WSIB in Toronto. If your claim for workplace injury benefits get decline, you can claim the benefits again to the Workplace Safety and Insurance Appeals Tribunal (WSIAT). 

Once you’ve received the decision from the WSIB, you have 6 months in hand to appeal in WSIAT. In some cases, you can’t appeal to the WSIAT which includes decision about employer-requested health examinations and certain commutations. It’s highly recommended that you consult with an expert WSIAT representative regarding your case prior to the deadline. He/she will walk you through the complete process and will help you to receive your desired decision.

Why You Need Expert Representation

During your case, an expert representation is critical to your claim’s acceptance. Not only is your appeal to the WSIAT your last chance to succeed, but it’s also critical in your future endeavors. Expert attorneys handling your case will boost the credibility of your case and will help you save time and effort.


Should a case need to appeal to this final level Meducation Services provides expert and qualified hearing representation to the WSIAT in Toronto. At this stage, it is vital that all evidence that needs to be presented is obtained and submitted. There are numerous time limits throughout the entire appeals process but none more important than the time limit to appeal a decision and to file evidence for the hearing to the WSIAT in Toronto.


Meducation Services specializes in hearing representation and as you can see from our noteworthy decisions, we ensure that all matters that need to be presented on behalf of the client are done thoroughly so to ensure that the Tribunal makes a complete and justified decision.

At Meducation Services we take pride in ourselves for ensuring that your case is presented with the utmost professionalism and preparation.