All CPP Disability cases in Ontario starts with a general application to the Services Canada. The Application Kit for the Canada Pension Plan Disability Benefits states that you must fill up the application form and the medical report must be completed by the doctor or nurse.


At Meducation Services, we take on the Canada Disability cases from the very beginning (application stage) and work on it until the final level of appeal. This is referred to as the Social Security Tribunal in Ontario, or SST.

What Are The Stages of Application?

After the initial application stage, should a request be denied, there is a reconsideration stage at which the first decision for the CPP Disability Benefits Ontario can be reconsidered by Service Canada.

Should the application again be denied, the case moves on to the Social Security Tribunal (SST). These hearings can either be resolved with an in person hearing, teleconference or video conference. We again ensure that all medical information is obtained so that Service Canada and the Tribunal has all the available evidence to assist them in making a proper decision.

This ensures that all of the CPP Disabilities Benefits Ontario cases we take on are completed successfully.


Should the case fail at the Social Security Tribunal – General Division the case then moves on to the Social Security Tribunal – Appeals Division, which is the final level of appeal. These are again, in person hearings, teleconferences or video conferences.

Why You Need Expert Help!

Meducation Services take pride in itself for the expert and thorough hearing preparation and representation on behalf of the client and with all cases. We do the work of gathering the evidence and preparing arguments that will be submitted on the client’s behalf, all the while remaining in direct contact with the client.

As with all cases, there are time limits that need to be observed in CPP Disabilities Ontario cases and we strongly urge those unfamiliar with the process to seek proper representation such as the services we offer to ensure that the Disability Benefits case(s) move seamlessly throughout all levels of appeal.


There are many specific legal issues that must be met such as the MQP (Minimum Qualifying Period) and the legal definition of severe and prolonged to ensure our clients get the CPP Disabilities Benefits in Ontario.

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