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You may be surprised to know that many workplace injuries occur just because the workers fail to follow and understand the workplace safety signs. It’s very upsetting. If you are a bit more careful, you can avoid a lot of workplace hazards.

Safety signs should be arranged in a way that helps the workers to work safely and smoothly. It should be universal so that everyone can understand and follow. Our article shares some of the most critical workplace hazards signs for any workplace.

    1.  Exit sign

This is the most vital sign. If there is a fire or earthquake in the workplace, you first have to know where the exit. If the building is in compliance with standard regulation, there should be clearly visible exit marks of the exit sign and unobstructed path to get to them.

exit sign

     2. The PPE Sign

Every employer must ensure that his/her employees take proper personal protective equipment before entering a potentially dangerous place. Areas like the manufacturing floor or construction site need this PPE.

ppe sign

     3. The Authorized Personnel Only Sign

Every workplace has a different department, and different people are assigned to do different jobs or handle various machinery. Now, these machines could be very sophisticated and shouldn’t be handled by an inexperienced person. So, there should be the authorized personnel sign that makes it off-limits to the others.

authorized personnel only sign

    4. The Danger Flammable Sign

Every worker must be aware of this workplace safety sign. If you see this flammable sign, make sure you don’t smoke or light anything up anywhere near that place. These substances could be oil, gasoline or chemical products.

Danger Flammable Sign


    5. The Biohazard Sign

Where harmful substances are present, there should be a biohazard sign for that. If you saw that sign, it means you should stay out of that place. It is a common sign for the workplace where animal fluids are involved.


     6. The Electrical Safety Sign

This is another sign that you must look out for. This sign is used where there is an electric leak or high voltage area. The problem with the high voltage area is that you don’t have to touch any wires to get an electric shock. You can get shocked by going to the vicinity of the source.

electrical safety sign

     7. The Danger Confined Space Sign

Sometimes the workers have to enter a confined place for some particular task. This type of confined space is typically used by experienced workers, and they need to take a lot of precautions before entering. So if you notice this sign, don’t get curious.

authorized personnel only sign

      8. The Machine Safety Sign

When workers deal with a heavy-duty machine, it has many safety signs. Workers must be careful about this sign when they deal with it. It could be very dangerous if you don’t pay enough attention to these signs.


      9. The Forklift Safety Sign

The forklift is a huge industrial truck that is used for heavy lifting.  This big truck has its own safety issue. When the forklift is running, there should be a safety sign for it. Otherwise, workers could suffer serious injuries.


      10. The Slips, Trips and Falls Sign

It is the most common sign of any workplace. You will see this sign here and there around the workplace. Be careful of these signs unless you want to ruin a happy day in the workplace.



Workplace safety regulations are effective if workers can follow it right. Many work injuries are a result of unawareness. Employers and employees both have to be co-operative to maintain a standard safety standard in the workplace. Employers and authorities should put the appropriate sign for the workplace, and workers should complain or report if these signs are missing.

You are entitled to get worker’s compensation for a workplace injury. But an injury is an injury. What you lose will never regain with a million dollars. So you don’t want any accidents to happen to you. Contact us to know more about workplace safety and worker’s compensation.